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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pakistan: Archaeological Ruins at Moenjodaro

"The ruins of the huge city of Moenjodaro – built entirely of unbaked brick in the 3rd millennium B.C. – lie in the Indus valley. The acropolis, set on high embankments, the ramparts, and the lower town, which is laid out according to strict rules, provide evidence of an early system of town planning."
Source : UNESCO World Heritage Site List

Postcard # 1:
Moenjodaro means The Mound of the Dead. These are the remains of the Buddhist Stupa in Indus Valley civilization which are as old as 3rd Millenium B.C. It is the most ancient and the most well-preserved urban ruins on the Indian Subcontinent. This 5000-year-old civilization is one of the largest in the Old World and shows the earliest signs of urbanization. Its urban planning surpasses that of many other sites of the oriental civilizations that were to follow.
 The stupa mound, built on a massive platform of mud brick, is composed of the ruins of several major structures - Great Bath, Great Granary, College Square and Pillared Hall - as well as a number of private homes. The extensive lower city is a complex of private and public houses, wells, shops and commercial buildings. These buildings are laid out along streets intersecting each other at right angles, in a highly orderly form of city planning that also incorporated important systems of sanitation and drainage.
Of this vast urban ruin of Moenjodaro, only about one-third has been reveal by excavation since 1922. The foundations of the site are threatened by saline action due to a rise of the water table of the Indus River. This was the subject of a UNESCO international campaign in the 1970s, which partially mitigated the attack on the prehistoric mud-brick buildings.

Postcard # 2:
The postcard below shows the portrait view of the King Priest, excavated from Moenjodaro Excavation Site. You can read a detailed account of King Priest from Moenjodaro here.
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