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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tanzania - Ngorongoro Conservation Area

"A large permanent concentration of wild animals can be found in the huge and perfect crater of Ngorongoro. Nearby, the crater of Empakaai, filled by a deep lake, and the active volcano of Oldonyo Lenga can be seen. Excavations carried out in the Olduvai Gorge, not far from there, have resulted in the discovery of one of our more distant ancestors, Homo habilis. Laitoli Site, which also lies within the area, is one of the main localities of early hominid footprints, dating back 3.6 million years." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard # 1
Ngorongoro Conservation Area is based on the largest crater (Inactive one). It is unique for the perfect combination of the crater, exclusive landscapes, diverse species of animals and plants, and the presence of Masai tribes in the area.
It is also called "8th Wonder of the World" or "Cradle of Mankind" as printed on the postcard as well.
Both the stamps used on the card are from the "Wild Life of Tanzania" Series issued on 31 Aug 2009. The complete series had 18 stamps in it.
The two stamps pasted on the cover show a Pensive Water Buck (1000 Tanzanian Shillings TZS) and Grant's Red Colobus Monkeys (600 Tanzanian Shillings TZS).
Posted from Dar es Salaam, it is an amazing postcard to have in my collection. Thanks a lot Yue.


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